A little fat Garfield sitting on the ground

Marcus Filipus


Do you have a degree?

Currently trying to get my bachelor's degree in Software engineering on PUCRS University

What is your favorite programming language?

Typecript, but I really like the silly snake language for silly little projects

What are your main interests in programing?

I really like system arquitecture and performance

How old are you?

Rude! But I'm 21 years old

What is your current job?

I'm currently working at ADP as a web developer

Do you have hobbies?

Programming, but I also like TTRPG, working out and play some games

What are your pronoums?


do you plan on learn a new lenguage?

I'm currently learning Rust and plan to learn some OCaml when I befriend the borrow checker

what languages do you speak?

Typescript portuguese and english

Is Marcus Filipus your real name?

No. it's actually Marcus Filipe

So way do you use it?

A dear friend of mine used to call me Marcus Filipus and I just started to use as an artistic name